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Rabbits Illnesses

Rabbits Illnesses

Rabbit Illnesses - Some Useful Steps That You Need to Follow to Ensure Proper Care

When they are sick, they tend to play in solitude or even hide in certain dark places, and may even refuse to eat.

Rabbits are heavy food consumers; they eat whatever comes their way and this can cause many problems and diminish their health if they eat too much. This is the main reason that rabbits have a poor digestive system. Therefore, you have to know when your bunny is feeling sick. If you think they are sick then immediately get them treated under proper medical supervision.

Here are some useful steps that you need to follow during your rabbit illnesses:

  • Give your rabbit a nice treat: If your rabbit refuses to ea, then try another food item. If it does not eat then proceed with step two.
  • Measure Rabbit''s Body Temperature: You can check your bunny''s temperature with the help of a thermometer. Remember to use a plastic thermometer to avoid danger.
  • Listen to the intestinal sound: Most of the time rabbit illnesses are due to gastrointestinal trouble. Therefore, listen to the stomach sound if it is making a gurgling sound.
  • Treat with Medicine: Give your rabbit dosages of analgesia or meloxicam once a week.

These are just some of the best ways in dealing with rabbit illnesses. If these treatments do not restore your pet rabbit health, it''s time to get some extra help. Take your rabbit to a veterinarian immediately.


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